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Dead Ends

The following are my dead ends in my family tree, where I cannot find the parents. The women on the page are listed with their married names in parentheses. If anyone has any information on these people, or if they can help me. Please contact me. Thanks!

7th Generation:

James Stephens, c.1798-1880, North Carolina, Tennessee

James was born circa 1798 in North Carolina. In his youth, he moved with his family to Tennessee, where he settled in Sumner Co., TN. He was married there in 1823 to Nancy Head. He moved later to Montgomery Co., TN. Sometime after 1856, he moved to Hudson County, TN, where he died in 1880. He married a second time to Ann McKinnon. He had children: Elizabeth, Theresa, John, Francis, Margaret, James, Amanda, Eldridge, and Eginarra. He is said to have been of Scottish origin, and his name has sometimes been spelled Stevens.

Nancy Head (Stephens), c.1802-1856, Tennessee

Nancy was born circa 1802 in Tennessee. Nancy was married to James Stephens on March 26, 1823 in Sumner Co., TN. They lived in Sumner County for a few years, and then moved to Montgomery County, TN, where Nancy died on June 6, 1856. They had children: Elizabeth, Theresa, John, Francis, Margaret, James, Amanda, Eldridge, and Eginarra. Nancy's surname was listed as "Head" on her marriage record, but in another source, she is listed as "Nancy Forest". One other researcher believes her full name may have been Mary Nancy Head. Research has been done on early families in Sumner County, Tennessee (and the surrounding area) and she seems to not fit into any Forest or Head family in that region.

Anthony Plymale, c. 1765-c.1840, Virginia, Ohio

Anthony Plymale was born in the late 1750's or early 1760's in Botetourt County, Virginia. He was married there on January 11, 1789 to Bethia Bowen. They lived in what is now Giles Co., Virginia, and had 13 children: Elizabeth, Theodosia, Mary, John, William, James, Magdalene, Anthony, Tabitha, Gabriel, Hugh, Bethia, and Bowen. After his wife died in about 1812, Anthony remarried to Ann Criner and moved to Ohio where he died in about 1840. Nothing is known of his parents. His father is believed to have emigrated from somewhere in Europe to Virginia. The wife is supposed to have been a Virginia native.

Catherine (Crobarger), 1777-1875, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Oregon

Catherine/Katherine was born on December 16, 1777 in Pennsylvania. She married an unknown Mr. Crobarger and they first lived in Virginia. They had known children: George, Susannah, Francis and Harriet. Sometime in the 1810's, they moved to eastern Tennessee and were in Jefferson County in 1830. After Catherine's husband died in the 1820's, she moved with her family to Platte County, Missouri, where they settled in Martinsville. In 1846, she went with her daughter and son-in-law to Oregon, and first settled in Yamhill County. In 1851, she moved with them to Douglas County, Oregon, where she lived on the Martin farm until her death on March 4, 1875. Nothing is known of Catherine's ancestry or family. Ralph Roberts, a descendant, has reported her maiden name as McCreedy, yet that appears to be totally unfounded. The only other clue is from the 1870 census, when Catherine lists that both of her parents were foreign born. Given that, I would surmise that she was either German or Scotch-Irish.

Thomas Palfrey, 1796-1875, England, Wales, Canada, New York, Wisconsin.

Thomas was born circa 1796-1798 in England. In his youth he moved to Wales where he married a woman named Mary. After a few years they moved back to England and in 1829, made the voyage across the Atlantic and settled in Quebec, Canada. In 1832, they moved over the border and settled in Erie County, NY. In 1840, they were living in the town of Newstead. In 1846, Thomas moved with his family to Winnebago Co., WI, where they settled in Rushford Twp. He died there in 1875. He and Mary had children: John, William, Eliza, Mary, Thomas and Richard. The only link to other family is a woman named Jane Palfrey who accompanied the family to America. She was too old to be a wife and too young to be a mother. Perhaps she was a sister, sister-in-law, or step mother?

Jane Jones(Palfrey), 1790-1867, Wales, England, Canada, New York, Wisconsin.

Jane was born circa 1790, in Wales. She was married to Thomas Palfrey in 1816 in Llanyre, Radnorshire, Wales. They later moved to England and in 1829, they made the voyage across the Atlantic and settled in Quebec, Canada. The family moved to Erie Co., NY in 1832 and to Winnebago Co., WI in about 1848. She had children: John, William, Eliza, Mary, Thomas and Richard.

8th Generation:

Olive Kilburn (Owen), 1780-1856, Connecticut, New York

Olive was born on February 19, 1780 in Connecticut. In her youth, she came to Delaware County, New York, where she married John Owen on August 6, 1796. They had children: Melinda, Amherst, William, Abby, Eben, Belinda, Olive, Nancy and Abraham. Olive died in Cannonsville, Delaware Co., NY, on September 11, 1856. Olive's parents are not known, but she is probably connected to other Kilburns of Delaware County, which include Wallace Kilburn, Jehiel Kilbourn and Heman Kilburn. None of the knowledgeable researchers of the New England Kilburns has any how Olive fits into that line. Olive may have been a daughter of Seth Kilborn and Lois Blinn.

Sophia (Seilhammer), c. 1781-aft. 1830, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio

Sophia was born circa 1781 in Pennsylvania. There are no clues or links to her parentage but she was probably of German origin. Sophia was married to Johann Conrad Seilhammer c. 1801 in Pennsylvania, probably in Lancaster County. They had 6 children: Elizabeth, Anna, John, Sarah, Julia and Phebe. They lived in West Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA for a few years before settling at Brandywine in Chester co., PA. They were living at Brandywine in 1810, but before 1813 they had moved to Jefferson Co., VA (now WV). Sophia's husband died sometime between 1813 and 1820, after his service in the War of 1812. In 1820, they were living in Jefferson Co., VA (WV), but by 1830, had moved to Berkeley Co., VA (now WV). Sophia never remarried. Sometime in the early 1840's, Sophia moved with her youngest daughter to Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio, where she died on September 24, 1856.

John Hill, 1773-1853, Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana

According to a calculation from his age at death found on his tombstone, he was born on (about) November 29, 1773. The 1850 census and the 1880 census of his daughter Ann record his birthplace in Delaware. As a youth, he came to Kentucky, where he was married in 1796 to Dorothy Allen. They lived in a part of Bourbon County, Kentucky, that soon became Nicholas County. Their known children included: Margaret, Mary, William, Ann, James, Sarah, Thomas, and Alford. In the 1830's, he moved with his family to Boone County, Indiana, where they settled in Jefferson Township. John died there in 1853.

The only possibility of a relative he lived near was a James Hill who lived near him in Nicholas Co., Kentucky through 1820. Given the possibility for error on his tombstone, the birth date November 29, 1773 might not be accurate. If that is the case he may have been the John Hill who was born on November 19, 1775 in Wilmington, Delaware; the son of John Hill and Anna Hunt. (This John had an older brother named James, born in 1774.)

Mary Ballard (Brown), c. 1770's-1847, North Carolina, Tennessee
Mary Ann Ballard was born circa 1773 in North Carolina. Mary was married to a Jeremiah Brown circa 1790, probably in Anson or Montgomery Co., North Carolina. They settled in Montgomery County where they stayed until they moved to Montgomery County, Tennessee, which was sometime between 1804 and 1808. She had the following children: James, Sarah, Mary, Margaret, Archibald, David, Nelson, Elijah and Nancy. Mary died in late 1847 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Nothing is known of her heritage but she may have been the daughter of a Thomas Ballard.

Mrs. Jacob Foust, c. 1785-c. 1823, North Carolina, Tennessee

The first wife of Jacob Foust was born circa 1785 in North Carolina. She married Jacob Foust in North Carolina in about 1803 and moved with him to Montgomery County, Tennessee, soon after the marriage. This wife was probably the mother of 11 children: John, William, Sarah, Mary, Elijah, George, Elizabeth, Jacob, ???, Jesse, and Peter. She died about 1823 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, and her husband remarried soon after to Elizabeth Bristow. According to one research, this woman's name was Patsy Ware Nelson, but where this information came from is a mystery. Note: one of Jacob Foust's sons by his second marriage was named Robert NELSON Foust, which may have been in honor of Jacob's first wife, if in fact that was her name.

Susannah Remington (Current), c. 1765-1820's, North Carolina

Susannah Remington was born circa 1760's. If her husband came from Maryland then she may have been born there as well. She was in what is now Iredell Co., North Carolina in 1782, when she married John Current. Nothing is known of her heritage or family except that she was probably the sister of a Richard Remington who married in Iredell County in 1784 and who died in 1791. Research on the two of them has proved fruitless. It seems that within several years nearly all of the Remingtons moved away from North Carolina to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Henry Parrish, c. 1767-1811, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee

Henry Parrish was born circa 1767 in Virginia or North Carolina. He came to Franklin County, North Carolina where he married Elizabeth Strother in about 1787. They lived there until 1793, when they settled in Wilson County, Tennessee. He is said to have died in 1811 in Wilson County, Tennessee. He had the following children: David, Fanny, William, Jane, Martha, and Elizabeth. Nothing is known of his heritage but he may have been connected to the Parrishes of Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

John Bowen, c. 1745-1826, Virginia

John Bowen was born circa 1745 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth circa 1770 and they lived off Craigs Creek in Montgomery County, Virginia. They had the following children: Bathia, William, Mary, John, Hugha, Magdalene, James, and Sally. John is said to have died in 1826. There are as of yet no proof as to his heritage but it is possible that he may have been the son of Henry Bowen and Anna Moon.

Elizabeth (Bowen), c. 1750-c.1834, Virginia

Elizabeth was born circa 1750 in Virginia. She married John Bowen in the 1770's and they lived in Montgomery County, Virginia where she died in about 1834. Several sources indicate that her maiden name was LaFon, which may be because her daughter Mary married a John LaFon. In any case, she may have been the daughter of Nicholas LaFon (Frenchman) and his wife Elizabeth Sthreshley of Essex County, Virginia.

Christina Powell (Hatfield), c. 1737-1809, Virginia, West Virginia

Christina Powell(??) was born circa 1737 in Virginia. She married Andrew Hatfield in about 1757 and they settled in what is now Giles County, Virginia until about the year 1800 when they moved to what is now Cabell County, West Virginia. Christina is said to have died there on October 25, 1809. She had the following children: Nancy, Isaac, John, William, Andrew, Jonas, John, Adam, Edward, Thomas, William, Moses, and Sarah. I am not aware for the sources for this information put researchers put her maiden name as either Powell or Snidow and that she may have been married before her marriage to Andrew Hatfield and that one of those names may have been a maiden name one may have been her first husband's name. Nothing further is known of her.

Mrs. Zaddock Martin, c. 1740's-Unk., North Carolina, Kentucky

This woman was born probably in the 1740's or 1750's. She was married to Zaddock Martin probably in the 1770's or early 1780's, this was either in North Carolina or Virginia. They settled in Wilkes County, North Carolina but did not stay there long and between 1798 and 1802, moved to Knox County, Kentucky. She had the following known children: Isaac, Cynthia, Joseph, Nancy, and Zaddock. She probably died in the 1790's or early 1800's. Nothing further is known.

Mrs. Eleanor??? (Barkelow), c. 1728-aft. 1763, New Jersey.

Mrs. Barkelow was born circa 1728, probably in New York or New Jersey. She married William Barkelow in about 1747 and they lived in New Jersey. 7 children: Jane, James, William, John, Cornelius, daughter, and Daniel. She died after 1763. Based off of Dutch naming patterns, her name was probably Eleanor/Elinor, but may have also been Elizabeth. De Long is an educated guess of her maiden name.

Sarah Ellison (Dunham), c. 1778-1864, New York, New Jersey, Indiana

Sarah Ellison was born circa 1778 in New York or New Jersey. She came as a youth to New Jersey where she married Henry Dunham circa 1794 and they settled at Woodbridge, Middlesex County. They stayed there until the mid to late 1810's when they moved to Wayne County, Indiana. Sarah died there in 1864. She had the following children: Elizabeth, Azel, John, Cyrus, Mathias, Alanson, Mary, Rufus, William, Dayton, and Hiram. She was probably the sister of Mary Ellison who married Henry's brother Amos Dunham. She was also probably the daughter of a John Ellison. One researcher indicated that she was the daughter of John Ellison and Rachel Wessels of what is now New York City, but the age difference would make this impossible and they were probably her grandparents.

Anna Sophia Strucken (Dethloff), 1782-unk., Germany.

Anna Sophia Strucken was born on May 24, 1782 in Demzin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. She married Hans Christian Dethloff in 1802 and had 5 children: Johann Jochim Christopher, Johann Jochim Heinrich, Hannah Maria Christina "Fredericke", Christoph Friederic Johann and Magdalena Maria Dorothea. She died sometime after 1819.

According to the 1819 census, she was born in 1782 in Demzin. Unfortunately, the parish of Teterow (which covered Demzin) does not include a baptism record which would provide her parents' names.