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Diary of Odin Wadleigh, March - April 1906

Thursday, March 1, 1906

Eva + I did Dutch as usual this noon. Walked over after school with Eva + Edna after supper I went up to the library to a lecture on the Telegraph it was bum. Eva + Edna were there. Ben Schnider was there + went home with Edna. As I had promised Sunday to kiss Eva if she called me Fanny I tried it to night but she covered her face + I did not try it. She cried a little. The poor girl I felt sorry for her. I hope she don�t feel bad over it or mad at me. It was just a joke.

Friday, March 2, 1906

This has been a gloomy day for me. I wrote a note to Eva and apologized for my conduct. She would not answer. Moreover I did not get a chance to speak to her till after school. I was on the anxious seat all day for E is too good a girl to loose (She spoke to day). She said she was mad and I guess she had a right to be though I don�t think she ought to care. Went up to the city club after supper but there was such a crowd I did not get a chance to bowl.

Saturday, March 3, 1906

Rain. Stayed in all day and worked upstairs. Went uptown after supper and got a couple carnations for Eva as a place of ---- sick with the old trouble.

Sunday, March 4, 1906

Church and Sunday School took my flowers up to Eva. I had a heart to heart talk with her and tried to apologise to her. She said she would give me another chance. I am so sorry I ever attempted that foolish thing even if it was a joke. Made candy after dinner Went to bed with a headache I got the best of my pain last night.

Monday, March 5, 1906

Took some of my candy over to Eva. It was not very good rather tough. E + I did German this noon. Got my card. Eng 93 Trig 93 Ger 92 Chem 95 Hist 95 93 3/5 average Mrs. Taylor came today. Did more candy make to night it came out fine. Studied History after supper.

Tuesday, March 6, 1906

The Virgil class buried Dido to day. Eva wore black and as I have always told her she looked fine. Stayed a while after school and did Trig. Eva + I went over to the supper + sale. Sold all our candy. There I met Mr. Armand who can speak German. I can understand quite good. Home at 8 and studied until 10:30 then retired.

Wednesday, March 7, 1906

Have been awful busy all day. There was a wreck on the ---- of a fast train the morning. The Engine + three cars rolled over an embankment on upper court st. No one killed went up to the library after supper + got data etc. for an essay in History. Bed 10 very tired.

Thursday, March 8, 1906

More hard study. Had a ---- with Eva and asked her to go up to the City Club to morrow night. After school the 06 class met and wrote on ---- the names they wished to have on their diplomas. Geo Gump and I ran the arc camp at the library tonight.

Friday, March 9, 1906

I decided to day that she would rather go up to Lameraux�s tomorrow than the city club tonight and she was wise. I went up but did not have a good time. I am getting allout of the notions of dancing. We had a trig review and although I knew the proofs perfectly I hurried so I only got 71. It made me mad and I went over to see Eva and she with her innocent pestering made me madder. But I got over it.

Saturday, March 10, 1906

Tried to make candy this A.M. but did not have very good luck. Mopped as usual. After dinner took bath and went over to Eva�s we played 500 as she beat as usual. I have become so in the last six months that if I am beat or bested or disappointed in anyway it makes me mad it is foolish I know but I am trying to over come it. We went to Lamoureux at 4 at dance till 6 had a good time. After supper started on my orations. Bed about 9:30

Sunday, March 11, 1906

Studied most of the A.M. went to Sunday School after dinner I went over to Eva�s. She was at Martha�s. She staid there a while and then went up to the house as Mrs. M. was not at home we undertook to make some butter scotch. Eva forgot to put in any butter + I let it burn and become to hard. It was fine. Had a good time all the P.M. Came home at 8 ran all the way and it made me pretty tired. Mr. (Rev) Butler at the U Church said E + I made a good looking couple ahem. Eva let me? and also read some her self from an old book. Snowing. Pa went to NY.

Monday, March 12, 1906

This morning I broke both lenses of my glasses. I went over to Jarvis Street with Ford and we ran the camp. There is a lecture each day this week. Got my glasses fixed at noon. Had a spiel with Eva (------) after school took my violin lesson. Am very lame just above my knees because of my running last night. Studied after supper. Mrs. Taylor and Mother went to the show at the Stone but could not get a seat. Riley Houck was here in the evening.

Tuesday, March 13, 1906

Went over to Rossville this A.M. and ran the lamp. This noon Ola Corbin + I had a little tilt Eva true to her six was a little angry at me and we were all angry. After school I apologized to Ola. Bad headache to night. Bed 8.

Wednesday, March 14, 1906

Did not go out with the Camp to day. Same thing as usual this noon. After school went over to quartette practice walked over town with Winfred Hankins. Studied after supper. Bed 10.

Thursday, March 15, 1906

Snowing hard all day. This A.M. Eva gave me some of our (butter?) Scotch which she had made over. It was good. Ran the camp at Bever St. to day. Single session because of the snow storm. Studied at the library all the P.M. after supper read studied and played.

Friday, March 16, 1906

Had a good trig lesson. A little spill with Eva she was included to trase me. Had a little analytical Chemistry to day. My dope I found to be zine oxide. Went up to the City Club + bowled 4 games. 112 100 100 96 Bed 11:45

Saturday, March 17, 1906

Ford and I ran the lamp at St. Mary�s Church this A.M. After dinner I mopped and made candy read took a bath etc. After supper I got ready to do Trig and discovered I had not copyed the Examples from the board in school.

Sunday, March 18, 1906

Sunday School. Played a little joke on Eva to day. She always wants to take my paper that I got in Sunday School and keep so to day she got my Trig examples that D. Wilber brought over. When she was not looking I took them and then she thought she had lost them I was going to let her think so but when she asked me if I had taken them I could not tell a lie. She said I was real mean of course. Read Shakespeare Cymbelin around my old induction coil to make it over. Headache.

Monday, March 19, 1906

Snow to day. Big fire this A.M. in Crandall Stone�s factory burned from 7 � 12 two alarms $15,000 damage. Ran the camp at Fairview Had a set to with Eva this noon. She called me for my manners and actions towards a certain woman who was too fresh Sunday. I was not polite to her to be sure but she was not to me. I promised (again) to be careful of my manners etc. Bowled 130 96 112.

Tuesday, March 20, 1906

Another big fire this A.M. At 6:30 I went at the 2nd alarm and staid till 8 It was the offices + store house of Robinson�s planning mill $10,000 damage. More snow today so we had single session after dinner I worked on my induction coil. Studied after supper till 11:45.

Wednesday, March 21, 1906

Nothing doing today. Spiel with E this noon we did German. Did experiment with hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg gas) in lab today. No quartette practice because Adkins had a cold. We were going to sing at the Cong Church but will not. Worked on coil To day is the first day of spring and really is the worst day of winter we have had. Did Trig after supper.

Thursday, March 22, 1906

There was a prize speaking contest to day Adkins got first Kaley second Huggins third Titus ought to have third. Eva asked me if I was coming over and ride down hill tonight. She said Ben + Edna were coming, so I went over. Edna + Ben did not show up. Eva + I rode a little played a game of 500 and I with my usual luck got beat. I was awfully tired + I ought to stayed at home + studied anyway. Bed 10:30.

Friday, March 23, 1906

Worked on my coil a little. It was just a year ago to day that I finished ---ing the coil the first time. Went over to Eva�s + Ben Schnider Edna Eva + I rode down hill awhile and then played 500. Edna cheated some and it made me mad but I got over it. Home at 11:30 very tired.

Saturday, March 24, 1906

Worked on my coil all day. Wound on 12 layers. Did Trig after supper. Bed 10:30.

Sunday, March 25, 1906

Woke up with a headache but after I got out and went to Sunday School it stopped. After dinner I went over to Eva�s and had a good time until 6:30 when I came home. Read and practiced until 10 and went to bed.

Monday, March 26, 1906

Wet and sloppy. My trig lesson was all wrong. Did not a piel with Eva this noon Wound two layers on my coil and took my lesson to night after supper went uptown to collect some $ but did not get any. Looked at some ---- at Wards. Bed later after studying.

Tuesday, March 27, 1906

Rain this A.M. but slacked up later. Went over to Hoerrner�s before dinner to practice asked Eva to go with me to night to a musical at the First Baptist Church. She accepted. We sang after supper all OK. Went home with Eva + home at 10:30. Bed 11.

Wednesday, March 28, 1906

Did trig this noon. After school quartette practice. Wound a layer on my coil also after supper the 4 sang the first Cong. prayer meeting. Came home and studied till 10.

Thursday, March 29, 1906

This morning I ------ the color mixing attachment of the stereopticon in Eva�s Physics class. Was so busy doing Trig this noon I did not get time to speak to her. Wound 2 layers on my coil after school Did history and German after supper.

Friday, March 30, 1906

Rain all day. Finished winding the coil 21 layers as yet but I expect to put on a few more of other wire. After supper I went up to Mr. S---- to a party. (The S S class) Hada good time. Did not beat but three games in progression ---- Home 11:30. Bed 12.

Saturday, March 31, 1906

Worked all day up stairs on my coil. It is coming on fine. Colder to day.

Sunday, April 1, 1906

Sunday School as usual Tried to study after dinner but no go. About 6:30 I got lonesome so togged up and went over to Eva�s. Stayed to lunch Fooled Eva three times to day and she fooled me once or twice. Home 9.

Monday, April 2, 1906

This is the last week of the quarter. Our class did fine in German today + beat the other class Took my lesson at 5. Went up to the Board of Education office to collect a bill but owing to red tape, could not ---- supper went up to the city club and bowled 119 in 1st game went to pieces in the second + quit at 5th frame. Played ---- poole. Home 11.

Tuesday, April 3, 1906

Nothing during the day. Went to Ben Hur at the Stone today or rather to night with Chas Ford. Went up about 4:30 + got in at 7:15 in the front row in the �nigger heaven� it was fine They had the chariot race and all. Home 11:15.

Wednesday, April 4, 1906

Rain! I am very tired today. Handed in a bill to the board of education but can not get the money until the 16th on account of red tape Eva + I did German today. Quartette practice tonight + more rain studied a little and went to bed early.

Thursday, April 5, 1906

Rain tonight. Walked to school with Eva this A.M. for the first time in weeks. Eva was sick this P.M. I guess and did not come to school Had quite a talk with Ola Corbin about Eva, this noon, and her pr-----. Have had a headache nearly all day. Bed early.

Friday, April 6, 1906

We had single session today. Had a little talk with Eva after school. I told Ola yesterday about how prim Eva was and etc. Eva did not like it extra well. Got a hair cut so Eva can call me Johnny. Picked out a new spring suit also read till 10+.

Saturday, April 7, 1906

We are alone here today that is without Father for he went to NY + Philia yesterday. Worked upstairs a little. After dinner took a bath + then mother + I went up town. Had my suit fitted. Read in evening. Bed 9.

Sunday, April 8, 1906

Sunday School as usual. After dinner I went up to the office and wrote out my oration on a typewriter. Then went over to Eva�s. Had a fine time. She is so good to me. I feel that I ought to be kicked for telling Ola Corbin all I did. I am going over Tues night. Home 7:30.

Monday, April 9, 1906

Rain all day. Stayed home all day + tinkered. It is lonesome such days as there. And I would almost as soon go to school. After supper I went up to the City Club + bowled 101-108-117-144 the highest yet. Home at 11. Bed 11:05.

Tuesday, April 10, 1906

Mended the couch and tinkered upstairs all day. Rain. Went over to Eva�s after supper. Expected to spend the evening with her alone. But Edna Carl was there and later Ben Schnider came. Ben and Eva had a lot of fun but I did not. Home at 11. Feeling pretty blue. Wrote a letter to Eva telling just how I feel. I think I am selfish.

Wednesday, April 11, 1906

Went over to school and tested the gas tanks to see if I had enough gas for a -----. Monday night and I did Rain. Saw Eva across the St. Worked upstairs the rest of the day making a small pool table. Got a fine letter from Eva. She wrote it to cheer me up and it did too. Practised after supper and went to bed about ?

Thursday, April 12, 1906

Went up town a couple times. Worked upstairs etc. After supper I went over to Eva�s, she was not there at first but came up afterwards. Had a fine time. Home about 10:30. I have had a bad headache all the afternoon + evening.

Friday, April 13, 1906

Practised + shot pool this A.M. After dinner I went down to Haggerty�s with Gerald. Lawrence + Harry + Gerald + I went down this river to Wagner�s park for a walk. Had the gun along. After supper went up to the city club + bowled one game very poorly. 87.

Saturday, April 14, 1906

Went up town a while after doing my work + got a couple checks cashed. After dinner I ---- up and went up town again. Then went over to Eva�s a while. She asked me to stay to --- + I did. After supper played 500 Got beat as usual. Home in the rain.

Sunday, April 15, 1906

Church and Sunday School. Eva has a new blue skirt and a pink striped waist. They look fine on her. After dinner I read King John in Shakespeare etc. Bed 10:30. Raining tonight.

Monday, April 16, 1906

Well the old grind began today. We got our cards. English 93 Trig 89 Ger. 92 Chem. 93 History 98 average 93 1/5 against 93 3/5 Took my ----- 5th air. Ran the camp at the Monday P.M. Club a lecture on moths + butterflys very fine slides. I am terrible tired. (Saw Eva this noon a minute).

Tuesday, April 17, 1906

Wore my new suit to school and was guyed more or less. After school Eva and I went over to the church and did German. Then took a walk. Got back to the church as 6. The men gave a supper and I waited on table until nearly 8. Then Eva + I walked over to her house and I stayed till 9 having a good little chat. Home and cleaned off some spots on my clothes. Mother + Father went to a dance given by the Eastern Stars � the Ladies branch of the Mason�s. Have a headache tonight. Eva tried to make me think she was there last night + I, not knowing, flirted with girls, but I don�t believe it. P.S. She said she was not there.

Wednesday, April 18, 1906

Lab today. Quartette practice tonight. After supper I wrote an essay on Shakespeare�s King John. It took 3 hours. There was a terrible earthquake in San Francisco this A.M. It killed 3,000 persons and destroyed many buildings. Fire broke out and because the water works + water pipes were destroyed could not be stopped. They are having an awful time. We do not know all about it yet.

Thursday, April 19, 1906

Fine day. We hear more about San Francisco. The earthquake has ceased but fire is raging every where and can not be stopped. The whole city will probably be destroyed. Walked over with Eva after school. Got my money from the Board of Education. Got a lecture at the library Sat eve. Went up to Mr. Siverts + we had a little orchestra. Mr. Sivet cornet Rob Marsh a violin Ruth Sivert piano. Lamb Slide trombone. Stop at Bert�s Home 11.

Friday, April 20, 1906

I got my oration back today + it is somewhat butchered. Took the electric lantern over to the library after school. After supper Eva + Edna Ben + I went over to the literary club�s �public� It was a little comedy of mistaken identities called Mr. Bob and was fine. Home at 11:15.

Saturday, April 21, 1906

Worked around home and put up the lantern at the library this A.M. After dinner went over to Doc. Kelly�s to find out what made my head ache. He says it must be my eyes. Then went down to Haggerty�s and we went down on the track. Ran a mile + came home later. Ran the camp after supper. Bed 10:30.

Sunday, April 22, 1906

Went up to the office and rewrote my spiel then went to Sunday School. Eva did not see me as I was a little late. Somebody hid my place + I was a little angry. Went over after dinner and we took a walk. Then I stayed till 7:15. I do wish Eva was not quite so prim it gets monotonous.

Monday, April 23, 1906

Cold rain + snow. Stayed out of school this a.m. because my glasses were broken. Saw Eva this noon. Took my lesson at 5. Studied after supper.

Tuesday, April 24, 1906

Cold and windy. There were four fires today. Eva and I did ---- this noon a little. Went down on the track and ran 2 miles: too much work guess I will quit. The quartette sang at the Trinity Parish house to some old ladies supper. Home at 8 + studied till 10.

Wednesday, April 25, 1906

Made sodium Hydroxide in Lab today. Na2Co3 + Ca (OH)2=2NaOH+CaCO2. class meeting after school. Ford Gump + I are a committee to see about the class stone + box to be buried. Quartette practice at 5. Went up to the Royal Ac---- to sing but as there was no crowed no sing. Home 10:30.

Thursday, April 26, 1906

Took over a red ---- a couple paper on rather silk chrysanthemums to Eva to wear in her show tomorrow night Mintz wants me to spiel tomorrow but I have had no practice so I don�t believe I will. Went over + I had my eyes tested by Dr. Michael�s. I am crosseyed in the upper muscles draw in. He said to get glasses as soon as possible. Orchestra practice at 7. Came home at 9 + studied.

Friday, April 27, 1906

I did not spiel today. Nothing much during the day except it is warmer. Went over to Friday Club�s Public. It was great. Eva had her hair charcoaled + eyebrows penciled. She looked fine and no fooling. Walked home with her. She will have a nice time cleaning up I am afraid. Home at 11, very tired.

Saturday, April 28, 1906

Went over to school this a.m. with the lamp. Did my work as usual. Started in to clean my whell. After dinner went over to Eva�s. At 2 p.m. Eva + I Ben + Edna went out after arb--- (I guess) Ben + Edna got a lot also lost ----. We did not get many flowers but a lot of wintergreen ---- and had a fine time. Home at 6 + went up + got a swell pair of oxfords.

Sunday, April 29, 1906

Our orchestra played in Sunday School today + pleased the people very much. Eva liked my new shoes I guess stayed in all the P.M. + evening studying fixing my wheel etc. Tried to rain tonight lightning etc. �un----� nice + warm �h---�.

Monday, April 30, 1906

Eva brought back mother�s fan etc. that she used in the show Friday. Brought them to school. Sick tonight headache + stomach Had Doc but was better before he came. Bed 10. PS Eva had a foolish streak this P.M. not serious.